About us & About our activity

★Our Membership 
Our organization is comprised of people from all sectors of our society. Our membership includes housewives, office workers and Student. Anyone who is interested in English is invited.

★Our Mission
Our mission is to provide support for each other, in a positive learning environment where every member has the opportunity to develop satisfactory communication skills in English.

★Our activities
We study English through a number of activities including but not limited to the following:
・ free discussion about issues of interest
・ playing games
・ making speeches
・ attending lectures, and so on.)

★Schedule of Activities
We meet 2nd&4th Tuesday of each month from 14:30 a.m. - 16:30 p.m.(Chino) and 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month from 15:00 - 17:00.(Fujimi)

★★***Please join us***
We'd like to have a talk in English about your culture, history, customs and/or your experiences in Japan. Please come and talk to us.)

Fujimi community center )