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Musical Scores of Early Music

(Jan.20, 2018)

I love early music, and I am an amateur flute player and a keyboard instrumentist. I belong to the amateur early music group called "Ensemble Zephyr". We are having a concert every autumn.

I purchase and own a lot of musical scores, but not all songs I'd like to play are published. So, when I can not get the musical score of the song we want to play, I am creating my score by myself.

For this reason, the musical score of early music I made has increased little by little. I think I hope to publish such scores on this page. Currently I have musical score data of dozens of songs I made. I would like to release these gradually.

Naudot's flute sonata score added.(Jan.20, 2018)

J.S.Bach (1685-1750)

BWV208 9.Schafe konnen sicher weiden

  • Harpsichord (62KB)

    Published Feb.12, 2017

    It is an aria of soprano where two recorder are used as obligate instrument. My wife is an amateur soprano singer, so I play this song many times with my wife. I realized the part of the bc to play myself.

  • Friedrich II der Grosse (1712-1786)

    Sonate Nr.154 a flauto traverso col basso continuo

  • score (186KB)
  • Flute (102KB)

    Published Feb.12, 2017

    I love this sonata. Friedrich's Great Sonata is a 3 movement format, and there are many songs composed slowly - quickly - very fast. It is melancholic but passionate and energetic music.

  • J.C.Naudot (ca.1690-1762)

    Flute Sonata op.1-4 G-dur

  • score (185KB)

    Published Jan.20, 2018

     There are six sonatas in Naudot's Flute Sonata op.1, which is its fourth work. I especially like the Rondo of the fourth movement is fun. In order to play the keyboard of the basso-continuo, I write only the minimum.

  • J.J.Quantz (1697-1773)

    Trio h-moll Qv2:43

  • score (207KB)
  • Flute 1 (83KB)
  • Flute 2 (82KB)

    Published Feb.12, 2017

    It is my favorite song in Quantzs' Trio Sonata. I played this song twice at the concert. I was in charge of flute 2 for the first time. The second time I was in charge of the keyboard. When it was the second time, I tried flute and viola trio instead of two flutes.

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