International Workshop on motives in Tokyo, 2017

a workshop sponsored by

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduatte School of Science, International Education and Research Center of Science,

Date: 20(Mon)-24(Fri)/February/2017

Place: Graduate School of Mathematics, University of Tokyo
  • Way to the university
  • Organizing Committee:

    Thomas Geisser (Rikkyo University), Tomohida Terasoma (Tokyo University), Shuji Saito (TIT)

    Motive in Tokyo, in the past:

    2016 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011


    Federico Binda (Regenburg)

    James Borger (Canberra)

    Patrick Brosnan (Maryland)

    Matthias Flach (CALTECH)

    Christian Haesemeyer (Melbourne)

    Ryomei Iwasa (Tokyo)

    Uwe Jannsen (Regensburg)

    Wataru Kai (Duisburg-Essen)

    Shane Kelly (Berlin)

    Amalendu Krishna (TIFR)

    Baptiste Morin (Bordeaux)

    Matthew Morrow (Paris)

    Amnon Neeman (Canberra)

    Hiroyasu Miyazaki (Tokyo)

    This workshop is supported by

    Tokyo Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Science, International Education and Research Center of Science,

    Graduate School of Mathemtaical Sciences, the University of Tokyo, Leading Graduate Course for Frontiers of Mathematical Sciences and Physics

    JSPS Grant-in-aid (A) #15H02048 representative Tomohide Terasoma,

    JSPS Grant-in-aid (B) 15H03607 representative Kazuhiro Fujiwara,

    JSPS Grant-in-aid (C) #25400004 representative Kenichiro Kimura,



    10:00-11:00 , "."

    11:15-12:15 , "."

    14:00-15:00 , "."

    15:30-16:30 , "."

    16:45-17:45 , "."


    10:00-11:00 , "."

    11:15-12:15 , "."

    14:00-15:00 , "."

    15:30-16:30 , "."

    16:45-17:45 , "."

    18:30-20:30: Reception


    9:30-10:30 , "."

    10:45-11:45 , "."

    12:00-13:00 , "."

    Free afternoon


    10:00-11:00 , "."

    11:15-12:15 , "."

    14:00-15:00 , "."

    15:30-16:30 , "."

    16:45-17:45 , "."


    10:00-11:00 , "."

    11:15-12:15 , "."

    13:30-14:30 , "."



    Way to the university

    You will need some cash, because credit cards are not as commonly used. But you can exchange money at the airport.

    "From Narita:"

    Don't even think of taking a taxi, the airport is about 70km from the guest house. There are convenient buses and trains, and they cost 3000Yen per person. When you leave the customs at Narita, you are in a hall where you can buy bus or train tickets, and the staff will tell you where to board the bus or train. Everything will be explained, punctual and well-organized, so relax.

    Bus: The fastest way is to take a direct bus to SHIBUYA (it has two stops, take the second and last one: Shibuya Excel hotel). Then you just have to walk down two floors to the local train you need to take, see below, or take a taxi for about 1000Yen. There are buses at

    13:05, 14:05, 15:05, 15:30, 16:05, 16:30, 17:05, 17:30,18:05, 20:05, 21:05.

    It should work for most of you.

  • Train: There is a direct train to Shibuya, Narita express. There are trains at

    16:15, 16:45, 17:14, 18:14, 18:46, and 19:13.

  • A cheaper and faster alternative is Keisei Skyliner, which also has more trains and different hours. The disadvantage is that you have to change trains one more time: Take Keisei Skyliner to Nippori, change to JR Yamenotesen, and then go to Shibuya.

  • After arriving in Shibuya: You have to find

    INOKASHIRASEN (i.e. inokashira-line).

    The good news is that it's the terminal station, so you cannot go the wrong direction. The bad news is that there at least 9 different lines meeting in Shibuya. If you took the bus, just take the stairs down, if you took the train, follow the signs or ask someone.

    After you find the entrance, buy the cheapest ticket for 120 Yen at a ticket vending machine (which have an English menue). Enter through the gate, and board a train. DO NOT board an express train. The trains run every 10 minutes, so no need to hurry. On the local train, take the second stop:


    Take the east exit (where you have to walk up stairs), exit the ticket gate turn left and walk down the stairs. You should be in front of the main gate of Tokyo University. Turn left at the gate, walk about 150m until you reach a french restaurant. The entrance to the guest house is on the right back of the building. Once you are on campus, you could also ask the officers at the main gate for help.

    ``From Haneda:"

    There is a regular bus from Haneda to Shibuya station

  • take it to Shibuya Excel hotel and proceed as above.

    Faster and cheaper is to take the train:

    Take Keikyu line to Shinagawa (the train runs every 10 minutes), and transfer to JR Yamanote line (which runs every 4 minutes) to Shibuya. Then proceed as above.