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"The Bugaku School Style Gardens"
"Gardens in the Tsugaru Districts"
(2 books)

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Written by Motomi Oguchi
A4-sized 110 pages

Introductory books on the Bugaku School Style
gardens handed down in the Tsugaru districts
in Aomori Prefecture. The sect, so-called Ohishi
Bugaku School, attached more importance to
rock works among other Japanese gardening

"The Izumo School Style Gardens"

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Written by Motomi Oguchi
B4-sized 200 pages

This book addresses one of the Japanese gardening
techniques in the San-in districts; especially in
Matsue City. This school combined dry landscape
gardens with tea ceremony gardens.


"Gardens in the Ryukyu Islands
and the Satsuma Area"

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Written by Motomi Oguchi
B5-sized 400 pages
Design: Taiji Harada.

Report of investigation into gardens left in the
southernmost area in Japan. These gardens
were developed under the influence of
Kyoto-fashion gardening, along with Chinese
and Korean garden tastes.

"Gardens in the Shinshu area"
a complete set of 10 volumes

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Written by Motomi Oguchi
B5-sized 280 pages
Design: Taiji Harada.

Gardens in 110 places all over the country are
introduced in this book and the survey took the
author 20 years to finish. Historical backgrounds
and meritorious points of the respective gardening
styles are also elaborated.

"A tour of gardens in the Shinshu area"

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Written by Motomi Oguchi
A4-sized 140 pages

Publicly opened old gardens (in the time of the
Edo era) in 50 spots, especially the ones in the
Shinshu area, are found in this book with
beautiful photos.

"The making of small gardens and spot gardens"

book5.gif (17418 バイト)

Written by Motomi Oguchi
B5-sized 180 pages

Practical garden making guidebook. Photos taken
at every work site, before construction to the
finish, are inserted in plenty.

"Garden and culture and the spirit"

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Written by Motomi Oguchi
B5-sized 230 pages
  Design: Taiji Harada.

Collection of essays on Japanese culture,history
and gardens, and the spirit lying behind them.

"Gardens of Korea"

book8.gif (8427 バイト)

Title Letter/Design: Taiji Harada.
Written by Motomi Oguchi
B5-sized 380 pages

Characteristic comparison of typical Korean gardens
and Japanese gardens are given in this book.
This is the first edition of this kind here in Japan.