Title of Papers:                  gMystic Experiencesh
Writer:                               Dohsan Kawahara

The writer categorizes mystic experiences simply into two

              Mystic Experience A
              Mystic Experience B

Mystic Experience A conforms to gHealthy Mindednessh of
William James

Mystic Experience B conforms to gSick Soulh of William

Varieties of religious experience derive from time-wise
order of A and B.

Accordingly, there are four types of religious experiences;

Types:                                Examples:

              A only                                Walt Whitman                   Masaharu Taniguchi

              A after B                            Ignatius de Loyola             Nao Deguchi

              B only                                Martin Luther                  Kenji Miyazawa(?)

              B after A                            Teresa of Avila                 Shoju-Rohjin

The writer analyses four examples of gB after Ah type;

              Kohshiroh Tamaki,            Prof. Buddhism of Tokyo University

              Takeshi Hayashi,              Painter

              Teresa of Avila,               Spanish Mystic

              Hakuin,                          Zen monk

Outline of Papers

Photo:@Seihou Takeuchi  "Gyosai"
@@@@@1930@ No.5839
@@@@@Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
           Museum fuer Ostasiatische Kunst
           Ikuo Hirayama
           "Hizou Nihonbijutsutaikan 7"
           Kodansha Ltd., 1992

The analysis of their gAh experiences leads us to a hypothesis that human spirit resembles quantum-kinetics model of hydrogen in its activity.        This phenomenon may suggest that human spirit has a wave with wave length and oscillation.

And the analysis of gBh experiences leads us to a completely reverse model in the negative field.   Great squeezing pain comes in their heart, when it drops down to (-) excited level from
(-) ground level.

Total model of our soul can be obtained by composing gAh and gBh models, to be shown as follows;


1.  Human being is unable to opt final target-point of gAh or gBh, before he goes into
     mediation.             You can not expect whichever you might arrive, A or B.

    2.  Religions can be categorized according to the final points they have arrived:

              gAh or gA after Bh                 Catholics, Moslem-Shiah

              gBh                                     Protestant, Muhammad(Moslem-Sunni),

              gBh after gAh                        Jesus Christ, Buddha

    3.  Democracy is based neither on gAh nor on gBh.

         After having seen the devastating 30 years war between A and B, John Locke
     has, in the year 1689, decided that human being should not adopt spiritual super-
     phenomenon as whatsoever the basis of the value.